Hebrew From the Very Beginning Multi-Pack - Books 1 & 2


Hebrew from the Very Beginning - Books 1 & 2
This beginner course for modern Hebrew was written by Joseph Williams, specifically for English speakers that have little or no knowledge of the Hebrew language. Over 1800 Hebrew words are learned during the forty-lesson course, as well as the basics of Hebrew grammar. Each lesson consists of new words, transliterations, explanations, example sentences, conversations, and finally... work pages. There is an answer key in the back of each book. Hebrew from the Very Beginning Book 1 and 2 are spiral bound for easy hands-free learning. The books also come with flashcards for practice in learning the letters and vowels. Book 1 - 141 pages Book 2 - 155 pages

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Look inside Book 1:
Table of Contents
Lesson 1
Lesson 17

From the Author:
I started writing Hebrew from the Very Beginning partly because I kept hearing fellow Hebrew enthusiasts asking, "What's the best way to learn Hebrew?" and partly because of my own struggles to find good, inexpensive Hebrew instruction. It seemed to me that all of the Hebrew courses that I had seen previously either did not cover a lot of important aspects of the language, or started at a level that was too advanced.

Making a Hebrew course that really starts from the beginning has been on my mind for quite a while. My hope is that this course will help you easily get a good grasp of the basics of the Hebrew language. I tried to design this course to work for someone who knows absolutely no Hebrew when they pick up the book. I wanted to make it very informative, but also enjoyable and simple. I hope you find this course to be useful in your quest to learn the Hebrew language.

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