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Hebrew from the Very Beginning Book 3 is currently in the early stages of construction. In the style of the first two books in the series it will have 20 lessons. Book 3 will focus on the future tense of verbs and cover some of the more necessary advanced grammar patterns, as well as exploring the last two of the seven binyanim (verb building groups). The basic layout for the lessons has been planned, and Joseph is just getting to work on the actual writing of the first few lessons. Hoping to release book 3 sometime in 2022! Your prayers are definitely appreciated!

Hebrew from the Very Beginning series is now in print. Book 2 covers the verbs in the past tense as well as a lot of useful vocabulary. It's amazing all of the possibilities that open up when you can use verbs in the past tense.
Book 2 is available for purchase here.


Since the first printing of Book 1, we have found a few errors in the text. Some of these errors are minor ones like the absence of a "Xolam vowel." However, errors that really need to be made note of, such as misspellings, errors that change the pronunciation of a word, etc. have been listed here.
I have a couple Videos on YouTube
Check out our YouTube channel here, We just have a series called Weekly Hebrew Torah Portion Snippets on YouTube. These go through and do some Hebrew reading and highlight some cool things the Hebrew shows, that aren't so noticeable in English translations.


I heard someone say that it's similar to the difference between modern English and the English of the King James Bible. I would say that that's a fair description. All of the letters and vowels are the same, but a couple aspects of the grammar of Biblical Hebrew are different than that of the modern language. However, there are not a whole lot of words that are different. Modern Hebrew speakers are able to understand Biblical Hebrew without much difficulty.

It makes sense to me to learn modern Hebrew, since learning a language that is spoken today is easier, especially with all the electronic media that is available. Since hearing and speaking a language are two of the most important aspects, I suggest learning modern Hebrew and supplementing your studies with reading the Biblical language, because most of the use of Biblical Hebrew will be in reading. More on this topic here.


As the author of Hebrew from the Very Beginning I have to suggest my course to you. However, just like with English you don't just need to be able to read and write, or speak and understand someone speaking to you. You need to be able to do all four. So whatever course you choose to start with, my suggestion is to use several courses, read Hebrew children's books, watch Hebrew movies, and of course, if possible, speak with Israelis or other Hebrew speakers.

Learning a language is a big job. It's not something that most people will do in just a couple of years, While a couple of years can be plenty of time if learning a language is ones singular focus, most of us have other things that we have to do. One of the most important pieces of advice that I can give on learning a language is, "do something with the target language every day." Even if 15 minutes is all the time you have that day, spend it studying, because just like when you were a child, you never took a day off from hearing, or speaking your mother tongue, and that constant immersion is what brought you to fluency today. Read full article in Hebrew or in English.

What if I'm not Good With Language?
Have you ever heard someone say that they just aren't good with language?... or maybe you've said it yourself. Whatever the case, this article will boost your confidence to step out and start learning the language you've always wanted to learn. Read the article in English or in Hebrew.

This is a very useful website containing thousands of sentences translated from and into tons of languages. So for instance if you wanted to learn how a certain Hebrew word is used, simply type that word into the search bar and and select "from Hebrew to English." Every sentence that contains that Hebrew word and has an English translation will appear. I will caution you though that there are sentences on the site with bad language.